Zadie Smith – On Bad Girls and The Complicated Midlife

Having read Ms Smith’s latest novel NW, I thoroughly enjoyed this interview. She talked about her book and the characters within. How she relates to the area as a young girl growing up and how she sees it now.

I am a SW resident born and bred. However, most of what was addressed in her book I can relate to. Having read On Beauty and The Embassy of Cambodia, but not White Teeth (of which I intend to soon). I look forward to Ms Smiths’s future prose.

What are your thoughts on this author?

Books To Start The New Year!

There are always so many books we want to read and never quite make it. The list just keeps getting longer and longer. So this year I am carrying over one book that I started reading at the end of 2013 and will complete very soon, I know it’s an oldie but I have it on good knowledge that it’s an excellent read. So far I have not been disappointed. The other three are books I intended to read in 2013 but overflowed into this new year.  My aim is to increase my reading in 2014! How many of you have the same aim?

The Secret History

Mr Loverman


Tenth of December

Look out for a review on each!